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MF Hire is your local tool hire shop that is situated in Morley in Leeds. Our tool hire shop caters for the trade as well as the private user that is looking to hire or buy quality branded tools for the undertaking of a wide range of jobs around the home, in the garden, in the office, on the farm or estate, and in your business premises or Leeds work place.  

MF Hire in Leeds sells the complete model range of chainsaws that carry the Stihl brand name. Recognised Worldwide for their high build quality, reliability, and performance, Stihl chain saws are amongst the best you can buy in the UK.

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Related Information

Chainsaw sharpening

Read-up on
How to sharpen a chainsaw

Learn how to sharpen the blade on your electric, cordless, or petrol chain saw

Stihl GB

Read up on the latest models of Stihl forestry and landscaping equipment

Chainsaw Tips

Tips on how to use your chainsaw in a safe way, read tips on general safety whilst using an electric or petrol engined chain saw. Sharpening and fuelling tips, and more.

The “Basic rules” of operating a chainsaw:

Check the chainsaw for wear and tear, correct assembly, and any faults - prior to using it

If need be get the saw checked-over by a servicing agent that knows what to look for.

If using an electric powered chain saw - make sure it’s mains supply cable is not damaged or cut

If need be, purchase and fit a new mains extension cable, ensuring the plug and socket are fitted correctly

With an electric chainsaw, always use a circuit breaker (referred to as an RCD device)

If you do not possess one, purchase one before you use your machine.

Make sure the machines chain blade is sharp and correctly adjusted for tension.

A loose chain is dangerous as well as not being able to cut effectively, replace with a new blade if needed.

Never use a saw with only one hand

This situation would be an accident waiting to happen. Always use both hands to operate a chainsaw.

Never operate a chainsaw after drinking alcohol or taking sedatives

If need be, contact a local tree surgeon or grounds maintenance company to carry the necessary work out

Do not operate an electric or petrol chain saw near children or pets

Have your partner, relative, or friend, look after the children. Keep pets locked in your house whilst working.

Do not attempt to run your chainsaw whilst it is raining or snowing

This applies for petrol engined models as well as electric chainsaws.

Be aware of using your machine in strong gusty winds or when storms are blowing-in.

Also be prepared for lightning storms - if need be wait and carry the work out at another time when is’s safer.

Never work with this type of machinery when you are tired or fatigued.

As mentioned above, if need be contact a tress surgeon, landscaper, or professional gardener to help you.

Take care when re-fuelling the petrol tank on your chainsaw.

If possible, top-up its fuel when the engine is cold. Never have a lighted flame or heat source near to your fuel.


This include safety footwear, gloves, chainsaw trousers, a protective jacket, face protection, ear and head protection.

** Please Note:

is is not a complete and exhaustive list, please refer to your machines operator manual as well as other publications on how to use a chainsaw in a safe way.
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