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MF Hire is your local tool hire and sales shop that is situated in Morley in Leeds. Our tool hire shop caters for the trade as well as the private user that is looking to hire or buy quality branded tools for the undertaking of a wide range of jobs around the home, in the garden, in the office, on the farm or estate, and in your business premises or Leeds work place.  

MF Hire in Leeds sells a complete range of garden machinery and power tools from leading brands that include Alfra, Bosch, Dewalt, Evolution, Hitachi, Karcher, Makita, Ryobi, and Stihl.  

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Our range of gardenlines includes brushcutters and nylon line cutting grass trimmers, lawn mowers, chainsaws, garden vacs and blowers, hedge cutters and hedge trimmers, lawn turf strippers, and more….

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Our Buyers Guide on Garden Machinery, Power Tools, and Powered Equipment

The task of choosing which garden vac or leaf blower can be a problem, especially with there being so many for sale in the UK. As garden vacs and leaf blowers come in a wide range of variations you’ll need to decide exactly what you want and need to get the most out of one of these items of powered garden machinery.

A few things that you will need to think about before buying a garden vac includes what the size of your garden is? the budget you want to pay? The weight of the machine? and also how often do you intend to use the garden vac or leaf blower?

Perhaps you already have a particular brand or model choice in-mind? Or are you just at the point of shopping around locally in West Yorkshire (perhaps in Batley, Bradford, Castleford, or in Leeds) for a garden vac?

The trade user (such as a grounds maintenance worker, lawncare expert, landscaper, or professional gardener) will usually choose quality over price - after all they will need a reliable and strong performing machine to use in their work environment.

In this example most trade user will look towards a Honda or a Stihl branded machine. Stihl in particular are favoured throughout the gardening and landscaping industry as being amongst the best items of garden machinery that you can buy!

Should you buy an electric or petrol engined leaf blower?

This is all down to personal preferences and your own needs; electric blowers and garden vacs tend to sell at far cheaper prices than petrol engines models. An electric garden vac will usually be far quieter in use and also lighter in weight than a petrol engined garden vac. Two downsides though are they will need a trailing electric mains cable and they are not as powerful as a petrol version. For occasional home use though an electric machine could be the right one to choose. Two popular models in the UK are the Ryobi RBV3000VP and the Stihl BGE71 machines.

A guide to buying a Garden Vac or Leaf blower

Stihl BGE 71 Electric Garden Leaf Blower
Stihl BGE 71 Electric Garden Blower

A lightweight electric powered garden blower that can be used for clearing up lawned areas, drives, paths, and decking areas of fallen leaves and garden debris.
The majority of petrol leaf blowers are powered by a two (2) stroke petrol engine, with a capacity rated in cubic centimetres (cc). With this type of garden machinery the fuel is mixed with a quantity of two stroke engine oil - producing a fuel mix that not only powers the machine but provides lubrication to its engine components at the same time as well.

Some popular models are the Ryobi RBV26, RBL30MVB, the Ryobi RBL30BPT, and several machines in the Stihl model line-up; the BG56, BG86, SH56, and the top-of-the-range-selling SH86 model.  

Talking about engine types there are some alternatives; Honda provide their popular HHB 25E blower that is powered by a Honda mini four (4) stroke engine, and Stihl have their great 4-Mix models such as the BR500 and BR600 blowers. The 4 Mix models operate on a unique four stroke cycle but on 2 stroke oil for engine lubrication.

Choosing a petrol blower or garden vac for use at home

If you like the idea of having no trailing mains cable when using a blower in your garden - choose a petrol model!

The same goes if you want a powerful blower or garden vac for clearing wet leaves - a petrol engined machine is usually far more powerful than an electric powered one. Most homeowners as well as professional users want an item of garden machinery that is easy to start, is reliable and robust, and which performs well. The ease of obtaining consumables and spare parts (if needed later-on) is also something that can sway a purchaser towards one brand over another. For this reason we recommend above others, the Stihl range of garden vacs and blowers.
Buy Stihl BG56 Garden Leaf Blower in Leeds Buy Stihl BG86 Garden Leaf Blower in Leeds Buy Stihl SH56 Garden Leaf Blower in Leeds Buy Stihl SH86 Garden Leaf Blower in Leeds
Stihl BG56 2-Stroke Petrol Garden Blower

A popular and relatively lightweight petrol engined garden blower that can be used for clearing areas of fallen leaves and garden debris.
Stihl BG86 2-Stroke Petrol Garden Blower

A very powerful hand-held petrol engined garden blower. The BG86 is supplied with a flat blow nozzle tube as well as a round tube. Ideal for use by the professional grounds maintenance worker / landscaper / professional gardener.
Stihl SH56 2-Stroke Petrol Garden Blower - Vac

As well as being a powerful hand-held petrol engined garden blower, the SH56 is a vacuum unit too. The SH56 converts by way of the operator swapping over its tubes from a blow tube to a vac tube. This machine also includes a large capacity leaf collection bag.
Stihl SH86 2-Stroke Petrol Garden Blower - Vac

This is the top-selling SH86 model. For a hand-held petrol blower - garden vac, this offers you the best that money can buy in our view! Similar to the SH56 model but with more power, a metal leaf shredder blade inside, and an extra blower tube nozzle. Also included is a large capacity collection bag.
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