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Here you can find details and information on popular products used for building and construction work.

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MF Hire is your local tool hire shop in Leeds that caters for the trade as well as the DIY user that needs quality equipment hire - at an affordable price.

Our equipment range is one of the largest in the city and includes popular tools and construction equipment for carrying out most types of building and construction work, as well as ongoing maintenance and repair work.

Examples of equipment that we supply are items of access equipment including ladders, podium steps, staging boards, scaffold boards, and platforms. Concrete breakers and cement mixers. A wide range of acrow props, struts, and strongboy masonry supports.

We also provide a large selection of power tools including circular saws and jigsaws, angle grinders, metal and woodworking chop saws, electric routers and sanders, and all types of cordless and electric power drills.         
Acrow Prop Hire in Leeds
These adjustable supports will support beams, walls, ceilings, rsj’s, and temporary floors to allow work to carried out in a safe way.
An acrow prop has a thread adjuster built into the support to provide exact positioning.
They can be used on their own or in conjunction with strongboy supports.
Available in several different sizes to suit your construction work in-hand.  
Acrow Prop hire service in Leeds
Hire your acrow props in Leeds from MF Hire Ltd.
Strongboy hire service in Leeds

Hire your strongboy supports in Leeds from MF Hire Ltd.
Used with an acrow prop, a strongboy is a metal support that sits on the top of one of these steel props to allow the easier installation and the fitting of beams, lintels, and rsj’s.

It can be classed as a tool for help with masonry support, allowing the upper section of a wall to be supported whilst the lower section of brickwork or stonework can be removed or repaired in a safe way.
Strongboy support hire in Leeds
Scaffold Board hire service in Leeds

You can hire your scaffold boards from MF Hire Ltd.
Scaffold Board Hire in Leeds
These are used in conjunction with adjustable steel trestles, scaffold boards are designed to provide an excellent point of access for builders, painters, plasterers and other construction workers.

A scaffold board is an alternative method of access to using a staging or youngerman boards.
Staging boards hire in Leeds
Staging Board hire service in Leeds

Hire staging boards from MF Hire Ltd.
A staging board is a lightweight aluminium sided board that is fitted with a non-slip working platform. It is used for access purposes alongside steel trestles.

This item of equipment is also commonly referred to as a Youngman © Board.

Available to hire in a selection of width and length sizes.
Builders Trestle Hire in Leeds
Trestle hire service in Leeds

Hire builders / plasterers trestles from MF Hire Ltd.
A quantity of these steel trestles can be used in conjunction with staging or scaffold boards to provide a convenient and reliable platform to work from. They are commonly used by construction industry trades including builders, electricians, plasterers, and decorators.

A builders / plasterers trestle is easy to use and move on-site. Must be used on firm, flat ground.
Podium Step Hire in Leeds
Podium Step hire service in Leeds

Hire podium steps for safe access on-site from MF Hire Ltd.
A podium step provides safe low level access for carrying out building and equipment maintenance, installation, decorating, and repair work.

Our podium step units are easy to transport and be moved into position onsite, they also collapse down to allow easy access through standard door openings.

Podium step units offer a safer alternative to the traditional step-ladder.  
Ladder Hire in Leeds
Ladder Hire service in Leeds

Hire ladders and access equipment from MF Hire Ltd.
Our range of ladders allow you to reach those areas on your building that otherwise would be inaccessible. They are designed as with all ladders to be used for access and light work only - and must be used on safe, flat and firm ground.

Please note that it is currently recommended that you only use a conventional ladder if an alternative (and safer) piece of access equipment is unsuitable.
Concrete Breaker Hire in Leeds
Concrete Breaker tool hire service in Leeds

Hire a concrete breaker from MF Hire Ltd.
If you need to break-up an old concrete drive, a path, perhaps an old garage or sheds base - you can save hours of hard labour by way of hiring an electric concrete breaker tool.

We have a selection of breakers that you can choose from that will quickly break-up old concrete, masonry and stone - as well as asphalt and many more construction materials.

For the chiseling off of old brickwork and heavy duty tiles we can supply you with a light weight breaker tool. At the other end of the scale we can supply heavy duty electric and hydraulic breakers that can cope with tough concrete up to several inches in depth.   

Hire building and construction tools in Leeds

For advice, help, and further details please contact us
Telephone: (0113) 2380646
Lighting Hire in Leeds
Lighting Hire in Leeds
Festoon Light Hire in Leeds Plasterers Lights in Leeds
In our building and construction equipment hire range we can supply you with a comprehensive selection of lighting products that includes:

Minipod Lights, Tripod Lights
Festoon Light Sets, Plasterers Lights, Portable Flood Lights, and Led Site Light Units.
Stihl Saw Hire in Leeds
Stihl Saw Hire in Leeds
One of the most popular tools in our building and construction equipment hire range is the petrol engined Stihl saw.

This item of portable construction equipment is capable of cutting through a wide range of building and construction materials including brickwork and blockwork, cement and concrete, most types of masonry and stone, and also steel sections when fitted with the appropriate cutting disc.

More info on Stihl saw hire
Vibrating Plate Compactor Hire in Leeds
Compactor Plate
Our vibrating compactor plates are always in demand for hire by our local builder and landscaper customers.

They are also popular for use by DIY’ers and keen home gardeners that are carrying out groundworking and landscaping projects at their Leeds homes.

Ideal for a wide range of building and construction applications - one of these wacker © plates is capable of bedding-in block paving, compacting hardcore and aggregates including sand and gravel.
Visit your local tool hire shop that is located at Morley LS27 0SW for building and construction equipment rental. Acrow props and strongboys, staging boards and trestles.  
Paslode Cordless Nail Gun Hire in Leeds
Cordless Nail Gun Hire
As well as many other tool lines in our building and construction equipment hire range - you can choose to rent a Paslode cordless nail gun such as the IM250 or IM350 model.

Depending on the model you choose they are suitable for the first or second fix installation of a wide range of construction materials.

Our tool hire shop also sells a wide range of consumables to use with these cordless nailers including nail packs, cleaning kits, and disposable cartridges of Paslode © gas.
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Access Tower Rental

For the efficient and safe working at heights you can choose scaffold access tower rental from our local Morley based tool hire shop.

All types of alloy tower units can be supplied including single and double width options. We can tailor the rental of a scaffold tower to suit your individual needs and required working / platform height.